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"Rise Up And Be All That You Dream" It is a slogan that represents the act of not allowing your surroundings and circumstances to keep you from rising up up and achieving your dreams! ​ The Rise Up Experience or TRUE was created as a vehicle for those looking to reach new levels! 


We are a Veteran-Owned, full-service consulting and events planning initiative. We encourage and motivate businesses to strive for greatness in all that they do.  We engage in sustainable practices, anticipate the customer’s needs and adhere to their goals and aspirations. We will maximize our resources while still maintaining unmatched quality in our products and services. We specialize in Business Development, Marketing, Branding and Events. 

Starting and/or managing a small business can take a toll on you and your family. Adjusting to the stress and daily grind of running a business can wear you down. Let us help. We can take on some of the minor details that play a major role in your success. We can also assist in improving and developing new programs and services.


Our business management plan is best for companies and organizations (profit/non-profit) interested in developing and enhancing production by utilizing existing resources.

Step 1: Management Analysis

Step 2: Analyze Potential Issues

Step 3: Educate Organization: 

Step 4: Improvement/Corrective Actions

Step 5: Organizational Training

Step 6: Improvement Strategy Implementation 
Step 7: Evaluate Plan of Action Results

Step 8: Sustainment Strategy

Business Development
Event Management
Experiential Marketing
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