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The premier all-in-one, consulting firm that focuses on Sports, Entertainment, Education and Development. The Rise Up Experience is the answer to an ever-changing world in which most are searching for positive and inspiring experiences.


Our mission is to provide the best possible life experiences through sports and entertainment. We engage in sustainable practices, anticipate needs and adhere to predetermined goals and aspirations.

Our Vision
Inspire a new generation of visionaries not afraid to embrace a culture of creativity. 


The RiseUp Experience will

  • Encourage and motivate communities to reach for greatness in all that they do.

  • Maximize our resources while maintaining unmatched quality in our services.

  • Utilize recreational activities as a way to develop resiliency for youth and adults

The Rise Up Experience

The Rise Up Experience is a versatile and agile organization. Our services and programs range from hosting sports specific camps and clinics to music concerts and theatrical performances. We are truly all about Sports and Entertainment! #ThisIsTrue

What We Do...

At our core, we plan and manage events and we advise and guide others on how to do the same. We are not the traditional "event planners".  

We Manage...

Sports Camps and clinics, leagues, tournaments, community shows and concerts, 

Who We Advise...

Youth, Entrepreneurs, non-profit and for-profit business management 

Our Foundational Principles: "MVP 360"

"MVP” stands for Motives, Values, and Personality.



We believe in utilizing Motives as a way to guide their path to success.



Understanding what is Valued in life will increase the likelihood of maintaining focus through adversity.



We live in a world where "Character Counts" and we are judged by what others see. Personality is key to ensuring others perception is in line with Motives and Values.



The number 360 represents a well-rounded mindset in which an individual, family, and community promote Education, Fitness, Social Acceptance and Emotional well being.

Let's work together to ensure a better future for our youth. Learn more about our efforts to engage the 'Total Person" Concept though our 3 Pillars initiatives: Education and Career Development, Health and Physical Literacy, Social and Emotional Well Being.  


Our focus now turns to cementing our Legacy as an innovative, creative and effective program that caters to all skill levels.

MVP360 Logo
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